Five Elephant Brazil Sitio Joaninha Red Catuai Espresso 250g

11,60 €

4,64 € / 100g

Sold as Whole Beans only FARM: Sitio Joaninha PRODUCER: Valdir José Ferreira REGION: Caconde, Sáo Paulo VARIETAL: Red Catuai PROCESS: Natural ELEVATION: 1.240 masl FLAVOR: White Grape, Milk Chocolate, and Peach. Joaninha is the Portuguese word for a ladybug, which is exactly why our friend Valdir José Ferreira named his ancestral farm that. When Mr. Ferreira’s mother was a young girl, playing in the fields of her parents' vast coffee farm, she used to play with her red-and-black friends every day. But once widespread commercial farming took over the region, the chemicals that were used everywhere made all of the ladybugs disappear. Decades later, when her son took over as manager of the family farm, he decided to move away from mass production of low-quality products, and focus on cultivating higher quality coffees. With the help of our beloved partners from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, Mr. Ferreira has built a sustainable, healthy system of coffee cultivation, improving soil and water throughout the region. And as a reward for his effort - even the ladybugs are back! The Sitio Joaninha Red Catuai is a wonderful chocolaty Espresso, taste-approved by both ladybugs and elephants. Five Elphant Glogauerstr. 5 Second Backyard 10999 Berlin