First Energy Gum Cafeïne Kauwgom 35g

€ 3,49

€ 9,97 / 1kg

First Energy Gum is a refreshing spearmint gum with caffeine that gives you a direct boost in energy and focus to perform better.

Herkomst: Niederlande

Ingrediënten: Ingredients: cafeïne, Xylitol, Maltitol, Gombasis, Natuurlijke smaakstoffen, Sucralose, Niacine, Citroenzuur, B-6, B-12, Vitamine E  (om versheid te behouden)

Allergenen: Glutenfree: Does not contain gluten and products thereof. Vegan: does not contain any animal products and therefore free of egg, fish, milk and shellfish allergens. Does not contain nuts or products thereof. Does not contain celery and products thereof. Does not contain mustard and products thereof. Does not contain sulphur dioxide and sulphites and products thereof.

Please store in a dry and cool place, no direct sunlight

First Energy B.V., Den ilp 33d 1127PC - Den ilp - NL

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